Emergency Fire Services & Fire Rescuer

Emergency Fire Services & Fire Rescuer


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the emergency fire services system and components of emergency fire services.
  2. Define fire rescuer.
  3. Describe the qualities and responsibilities of fire rescuer,
  4. Describe the duties of a fire rescuer.
  5. Describe the golden principle of fire fighting.
  6. List the Basic Personal Protective Equipment of a Fire Rescuer.

Firefighter role in Fire department

1. Emergency Fire Services System

Emergency Fire Services is a network of resources linked together for the purpose of providing timely and effective fire fighting

, search and Rescue service to people in the case of Fire Incidents.

1.2 Components of Emergency Fire Services:

The basic components of Emergency Fire Services followed

  • Community/ caller
  • Control Room Rescue 1122
  • Rescue 1122 Fire Service
  • Rescue 1122 Medical Service
  • City Distriel Govt Fire Brigade
  • Bomb Disposal Squad.
  • Location of Fire Incident
  1. Fire Rescuer:

A fire rescuer, to be successful, must enter buildings: he must get in below, above, on every side, from opposite houses, over back walls, over side walls, through panel of doors, through windows, through loopholes, through skylights, through-hole cut by himself in the gates, the walls, the roof.


He must know how to reach the attic from the basement by  Notes ladders placed on half-burned stairs, and the basement from the \ attic by rope made fast on all chimneys.

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His whole success depends on his getting in and remaining \ there and he must always carry his appliances with him, as \ without them he is of no use.

3.Qualities and Responsibilities of Fire Rescuer:

  • The fire rescuer must be responsible.
  • He must be sociable.
  • He must be honest.
  • He must possess pride(hygiene, uniform, personal appearance)
  • The fire rescuer must be physically fit.
  • He must be courageous and yet be calm. He must be emotionally stable.
  • He must be professional In his approach.
  • These Qualities will depend on his reaction in emergency.
  • He must have patience. when dealing with Peron’s, in stat of considerable mental distress.
  • He must have initiative and must possess the will to keep going for long periods. Demonstrated
  • Ability (many may want to be a fire rescuer, but not all can be).
  • He must also possess an inquiring mind.

4. Duties of Fire Rescuers:

His duties may be summed up as;
1. First
To save life.
2. Second
To prevent the destruction of property by fire.
3. Third
To render humanitarian services.
4. Fourth
Preserve the evidence.(note down the original and new location of any moved items, inform it to fire investigation team).
5. Fifth
Save the Environment.

Golden Principle of Fire Fighters:

  1. Be safe.
  2. Follow the orders.
  3. Think.
  4. Work as a team.
  5. Follow the golden rule.


Basic Personal Protective Equipment of a Fire Rescuer:

  • Fire turn out gear.
  • Fire safety helmet.
  • Fire safety shoes.
  • Fire safety goggles.
  • Fire safety gloves.

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