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Fire Fighting Foam and Foam Making Equipment

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: Describe Firefighting foam, composition & contents of foam. List the classification of foam and Foam Fire Extinguisher. Describe the types of foam compounds. Describe the action of foam. Describe the foam equipment & their … Read more

The Professional Firefighter’s Role in Fire Scene Preservation

This article has been written to clarify the role and responsibilities of fire suppression personnel, illustrating important considerations in the fire investigation process and explaining the impact of firefighter’s efforts in preserving the fire scene and physical evidence. PRESERVATION OF THE FIRE SCENE AND PHYSICAL … Read more

Portable Fire Appliances | Fire Extinguishers Types & Installation

OBJECTIVES: After the completion of below lesson, you will be able to: Describe the types of fire prevention systems. Define portable fire appliances and their importance. Describe the types and function of portable fire appliances. Elaborate the classification, use and identification of fire extinguishers. Demonstrate … Read more

Water Supply Sources & Distribution System

Objective’s of this topics are: Define water supply. Describe sources of water supply. Describe water distribution system Now we will discuss the Water Supply Sources & Water Distribution System. Temporary, Permanent and Semi permanent water supply. And the complete information about Fire Hydrants, Town Mains, … Read more

Fire Pump & Hose Line Tactics

After reading this chapter you will be able to describe: Define Pump and its types. Difference between Pump & Compressor. Define Centrifugal Pump and its Working Principal. Elaborate Parts of Centrifugal Pump. Explain Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump. Define cavitations and its reasons. Explain the reasons … Read more

Health Hazard Toxicity and Safe Chemical Storage

OBJECTIVES: After Readin this article of this lesson, you will be able to: Define the term toxicity and hazard. Define Permissible Exposure Limit of chemicals. Describe the physical and health hazards of chemicals. Elaborate the route of entry of chemicals. List the measures for the … Read more

Chemical Fire | NFPA Diamond | Petrochemicals | MSDS

OBJECTIVES: Affter reading this lession and topic completion , you will be able to: Define chemicals, petro-chemicals and Petroleum Products.Chemical Fire Elaborate the term “Material Safety Data Sheet”. Describe the components of Material Safety Data Sheet. Define Reactive Chemicals and Water Reactive Chemicals. Describe the … Read more